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Here you can find an overview on the different aspects of my work. They all want to support you to remain loose & natural (as opposed to tense & artificial) - a state of being that heals or prevents physical or mental dis-eases and allows you to touch the light of your innermost essence, the Divine inside.



I'm offering a variety of 1:1 or group sessions, such as Breathwork & Trauma Release, TREInner Dance or two beautiful massages


Active Meditation

In meditation, we learn to relax into existence and to accept everything just as it is. Meditation requires a regular practice that enables you to be fully present and alive, fully alert and watchful, without any judgement or doupts which come from the mind. My goal is to prove that this practice can be full of play, ease and joy.



For growing in love and awareness, men and women can support each other in a beautiful way. Whether for couples, singles or meditators – Tantra offers amazing techniques to bring a sacred quality into the meeting with a partner, and not only in the meeting with an other Divine being, but also with yourself and with life in general. 

Workshops & Classes

These pages will tell you what seminars or workshops will be held next or can be booked or organised.




And this is the whole method of (...) Tantra: WITHOUT MAKING AN EFFORT... because if you make an effort, the ego is strengthened.

So love is not an effort, you cannot make an effort to love. If you make an effort, there is no love.

You flow into it, you don’t make an effort, you simply allow it to happen (...).


And the same is the case with the total, the final: you don’t make an effort, you simply float with it...


This is the way, this is the very ground of Tantra. (...)


What does Tilopa mean by ”loose and natural”? Don’t fight with yourself, be loose. Don’t try to make

a structure around yourself of character, of morality. Don’t discipline yourself too much; otherwise your very discipline will become the bondage. Don’t create an imprisonment around you. Remain loose, floating, move with the situation, respond to the situation. Don’t move with a character jacket around you, don’t move with a fixed attitude. Remain loose like water, not fixed like ice. Remain moving and flowing; wherever the nature leads you, go."



Tantra: The Supreme Understanding