BioEnergetic Re-Balancing Massage


"All relaxation begins with the body."



Only when you are relaxed, things are flowing easily for you. With a tense body, your whole life becomes tense. Relaxation is only possible when the body is relaxed. That's why it's so important to relax in the body first. 


BioEnergetic Re-Balancing Massage is a form of bodywork that takes you out of the tension (mind) and brings you back into the life of the body. It supports you to be more present and clear in the moment. Once the senses are opened and muscular tension is released, life energy can flow freely through the entire body and we feel vibrant and connected again.


Amongst others, the Re-Balancing Massage uses

  • deep tissue

  • joint release techniques

  • assisted yoga  stretches

to bring the body back to a natural alignment.


It’s a 90 minute massage session after which you will have a deeper connection to your body and feel your energy flow much more alive and positive.

I'm also giving a Tantric Massage.