Shamanic Breathing & Trauma Release -

Exploring the healing power of Sacred Breath Medicine


In breathwork sessions or  workshops we will use the healing power of breath to dive into shamanic spaces where body & soul are set free to release repressed emotions and traumas that are stored as chronic tension held in the nervous system. Physically, mentally and emotionally, this often means an opening of the heart and a “rebirth” into a new life. 


This work is based in BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release® which is a body-oriented form of psychotherapy and a gentle approach to trauma release. It’s rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics) and Peter Levine (Trauma Healing). 


Deep connected breathing in combination with bodywork techniques and specific conscious movements supports the body’s natural intelligence to heal the soul and come back to it’s essence, the space of the heart.


Possible outline: 3 sessions


Stunning results and rapid shifts can happen when the entire body and it's key areas of tension are involved. That’s why I’m recommending 3 sessions or a workshop series of 3 days of 3 hours each. For each session or workshop-day, we will address different “belts of tension”, areas in the body that are typical for holding chronic tension or repressed emotions.


Day 1 - Head & neck

  • Releasing tension in the eyes, the “windows to the soul”

  • Relaxing the jaw

  • Opening energetic “bottlenecks” for an authentic self-expression

Day 2 - Arms, chest, back, solar plexus

  • De-armouring of the heart

  • Releasing blockages to setting healthy boundaries

  • Energetically opening up for intimacy & love

  • Relaxing the “power center”

  • Looking at the interruption and armoring formed around love and connection with ourselves and others


Day 3 - Pelvis

  • Connecting to our most vital life force energy

  • Releasing tension which can interrupt the flow of creative and life force energy in the physical body

  • Allowing a joyful sensuality to flow into all aspects of our life


Individual sessions

take around 90 - 120 min. This includes a warm-up phase, an oftentimes cathartic release of tension after which you can often feel the energies of blissful ecstasy flowing throughout your entire being.


Group sessions

take around 3 - 4 hours. A warm-up phase gets the body energies moving and the breath deepening. The breathing part happens in couples, while one is breathing and the other one is holding space in a supportive way. Then, the partners are swopping and the former sitter goes into the breathing. Mostly the sessions end with a sharing and a meditation (as deep as you probably have never experienced before).


As this work is cathartic in nature and therefor, can be loud at times, the sessions require a soundproof room or hall or a noise resistant environment.

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