Social Skills Training 

Training for improved communication skills and self-confidence

In this 2-day training you will learn how to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


Most of us suffer from social fears when it comes to dealing with others. There are fears of being disliked, rejected, not loved, abandoned, judged, humiliated, punished etc. This can bring you far away from your inner truth, especially when in "difficult" situations.


In this workshop you will learn how to go beyond your individual fears, big or small, and significantly improve the follwing skills:


1  Self-assertiveness

  • saying "No!" when necessary

  • setting boundries and limits

  • claiming your rights

  • demanding something of others

  • not allowing others to dominate you

  • holding a speach in front of groups


2  Relationship communication

  • actively creating relationships with partner, family, friends and collegues at work etc.

  • dealing with relationship conflicts with utmost respect and a commitment to non-violence

  • remaining yourself and aligned with your inner truth, especially in difficult situations


3  Establishing new contacts while appearing as friendly and likeable as possible

  • reducing shyness and timidness when establishing contacts with others

  • going beyond the fear of rejection

  • flirting with ease & joy

  • starting a friendly small talk with strangers


This training can lead to

  • an improvement of your social and emotional intelligence

  • higher self-esteem and -assertiveness

  • more fulfilling relationships with others

  • learning tools for non-violent communication

  • more success in work and private life

  • good psycho-social health

  • better coping with conflicts

  • develpment of leardership qualities

  • less stress and more relaxation in life

  • more positive and charismatic radiation


Our main tools are:

  • role plays with video-feedback

  • discrimination between insecure, self-confident and aggressive communication behavior

  • experiencing that practice and training lead to improvement and growth

  • self-verbalisation

  • discovering and expressing feelings and emotions

  • learning to support yourself and others


I'm offering this training for private and corporate groups. In the corporate world, this training is called "Soft Skills Training". It can be adjusted to the individual needs of the group or company.


For further information, please feel free to contact me at any time.