Inner Dance -

A Shamanic Journey Into Expanded States Of Consciousness

Experience a deeply shamanic, breath- and music-based self-awareness process that guides you into expanded states of consciousness through breathing, movement, sound, touch, self-inquiry and your own willingness to trust the process of intuitive self-healing. 


Come with an open heart to journey into the remembrance of who you truly are through heightened inner awareness, sensing body, mind and emotion as energy. This experience is a chance to have an honest dialogue with yourself with compassion and love, to be a witness to your stories, patterns or belief systems, to release suppressed emotions, tension or trauma from the nervous system or just to simply allow everything to happen that wants to surface, even if it’s nothing at all.


Inner Dance is not a typical ‘’dance’’, but a highly intuitive and transformative self-awakening inward journey that expands the sense of consciousness. It is an intuitive sound-healing journey, using music (a shamanic dj-set, arranged for specific brainwaves states, combined with instruments and voice), inquiry and intuitive touch. Everyone's experience is different which begins with lying down on the mat while the body might remain still or surrender to the energy flow through breath, movement and sound.


This process will take around 90 min.