Integrated Masculinity

A Men's Workshop

What can "healthy mature masculinity" mean today?


This workshop will support you embodying a powerful and deep masculine presence that honours body, heart and spirit.


As men in the western world, how we can evolve from our conditioned masculine roles? What does it mean to go beyond the traditional patriarchic macho-man "King Kongs" without getting stuck in the opposite pole and becoming a spineless softie? 


In this seminar you will learn how to move through fear, failure and family patterns to open your heart and, from there, connect to the power of your wild sexuality. How can we use our sexual energy to live a juicy life, fully aligned with our vision and purpose? How can we interact with women in a way that honours and celebrates our masculine nature? 


This process includes

  • Energizing movements

  • BioEnergetics

  • Shamanic breathwork

  • Emotional release

  • Conscious touch

  • Meditation

  • Questions & answers


For more information feel free to contact me.