Active Meditations

Facilitating Active or Breathing Meditations, I'm using different techniques that are designed for modern women and men to allow the experience of meditative silence und relaxation easily. 


The essential core, the spirit of all meditation techniques is to learn how to witness, just watching, relaxed, without any effort or judgements. For most of us accumulated stress in our bodymind makes it difficult to sit still and silently. Prior to finding access to our inner powerhouse of consciousness, letting go of all tensions will facilitate this process. Otherwise, sitting in silence without any movement may create feelings of failure and frustration. Most Active or Breathing Meditations therefore start with different kinds of activities before going into stillness.


With breathing, dancing, shaking, humming and many others, activity is employed to remove the obstacles to meditation. That makes it easy to become aware of a subtle and deep inner silence, that is there already, but can hardly be seen. If we begin with something active and positive, with something alive and moving, we feel an inner stillness growing. 


Many of the techniques I use come form the Indian mystic Osho.


Examples of Active Meditations are:

  • Dyanamic Meditation

  • Kundanlini Meditation

  • Nadabrahma Meditation

  • Chakra Breathing Meditation

  • Chakra Sounds Meditation

  • Nataraj Dance Meditation

  • Gourishankar Meditation

  • Devavani Meditation

  • AUM Meditation


chakra meditation 2.jpg