Shiva creates his reality through a dance of supreme consciousness and love. We, as gods in human bodies, are also creating our realities in any moment. 


To empower ourselves for manifesting the life we want to live, we will make use of the “Great Law of Magic”, the supreme-most tool for manifestation that uses magical alchemy to create our ideal life with totality and joy. 


This is so powerful because it touches the deepest truth: Life is a celebration, a festival that wants to be danced.


This active meditation of 90 - 120 min. is a modification of the popular "Osho Nataraj Meditation” with a special preparation and a life ecstatic dance dj-set. 

Nataraj Dance Meditation.jpg

NATARAJ Dance Meditation -

Create The Reality You Want To Live 

Through The Ecstatic Dance Of Shiva