My sessions are:


Breathwork & Trauma Release

Explore the healing power of breath in order to come home to your heart. For this, we use deep connected breathing, therapeutic conscious movement and dance, certain touch and bodywork techniques to support the release of chronic tension held in the nervous system.

TRE - Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises

A series of 7 simple exercises trigger a natural shaking response in the body. The shaking supports the body-mind in the most natural way to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension or trauma which brings the body-mind back into a state of natural balance. The exercises are effective in releasing accumulated everyday stress, physical and emotional tension as much as deep-seated trauma like PTSD. 


This massage therapy takes you out of the mind and brings you back into the aliveness of the body. It supports you to be more present and clear in the moment, so that you can feel vibrant and connected again.

Inner Dance

Experience a deeply shamanic, breath- and music-based self-awareness process that guides you into expanded states of consciousness through breathing, movement, sound, touch, self-inquiry and your own willingness to trust the process of intuitive self-healing.