Tantra Meditation

When Love Meets Meditation

Tantra is the path of the heart. The sacred space of Tantra opens up naturally when love meets meditation. Both qualities are states of being that arise naturally when all doing, wanting or thinking stops. They arise out of silence.


Tantra is Love.

And love is our innermost nature. Tantra uses techniques of meditation that can support us silencing the mind, going beyond our ego-personality, beyond judgements, desires or fears and reconnect us to the space of the heart. The heart only thrives in here & now. Once we’ve reached this space of inner silence, once we’re melting in love with existence itself, Tantra invites us to drop all techniques and float in the tremendous joy of the present moment. Here you can touch the light of your innermost essence, the Divine inside.

For growing in love and awareness, men and women can support each other in a beautiful way. Whether for couples, singles or meditators – Tantra offers amazing practices to bring a sacred quality into the meeting with a partner, and not only in the meeting with an other being, but also with yourself, nature and with life in general. 


Especially Tantra Heart Meditations open the doors for an increased aliveness, inner awareness, a free flow of energies through the energy centers of the body and between partners. Last but not least, they open the doors for meditation. You can learn how to go beyond the judgemental mind, sexual desires and phantasies and beyond all limitating programs of your body-mind that hold you back from growing in love and awareness. These techniques can guide you on a path of sexual and spiritual ecstasy, a path that leads us "From Sex to Superconsciousness" (Osho). 


The meditations are suitable for singles, lovers, as well as for experienced meditators.