Tantric Massage

Touching the Divine through the joy of the senses

The Tantric Massage touches the body, emotions and the soul in order to make you feel whole and connected to the Divine. This reunification frees us from the feelings of shame or guilt that cut us from our most primal creative life force energy.


The Tantric Massage is a deeply sensual, tender and spiritual experience at the same time and very ressourcing since it is practised while being centered and connected to the Higher Self. From this place it can open heart and spirit. It’s a soft & tender full body massage that can include all parts of the body.




An individual massage session will take around 90 min. or 2 hours. The practice is custom-tailored to the specific needs and longings of the client and requires an interview prior to the session. It can also include sexual de-armouring

and trauma release.


Special variations can be

  • Orgasmic Meditation (OMing)
    This 15 minute meditation practice follows a strict protocol that brings the receiver into an orgasmic sate of being.

  • Kansha Flow Massage
    This non-intentional and spontaneously flowing massage is like a dance of cosmic energies that brings the receiver into an inner space of trust and deep letting-go. A deep relaxation of the body can be experienced, an opening of the heart and the release of blockages in the emotional and sexual area without the use of therapeutic methods. The receiver is often touched in her innermost being and, through being present with body sensations, can journey far into spiritual dimensions.



The Tantric Massage Training can be designed as a 5-day workshop that might include:

  • Sacred touch

  • Massage techniques

  • Breathwork and emotional release

  • Tantra meditations and rituals 

  • Conscious body movements and dance

  • Tantric-shamanic Cacao Ceremony


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