Psychotherapy and the Healing of Trauma

Healing depression, anxiety, addictions, burn-out & trauma (C-PTSD)

"Unless you fix the trauma (...)

the hole in the soul (...)

where the wounds started,

you're working at the wrong thing.

(Oprah Winfrey)

Burn out, depression, anxiety, addictions or unhealthy relationships are often rooted in childhood trauma (C-PTSD) and the tension it creates. Trauma-informed psychotherapy supports you in getting back to your natural balance. 


Early trauma affects our ability to self-regulate, the image we have of ourselves and the capacity for healthy relationships. This often causes high stress levels, anxiety, depression, addictions or abusive relationships with others.


Trauma-informed psychotherapy addresses these issues on the levels of the body and nervous system, affects, self-image and interpersonal relations. 


To balance back to a natural state of relaxation, trauma-informed psychotherapy helps you to reconnect to your body and self-regulate your emotions and nervous system. It supports you understanding the images and beliefs you are carrying about yourself. And you will learn to look at your ways of relating (or of avoiding relationships) in a new way. You will not only get to know yourself much better, but find the needed recourses within yourself to make the shift from surviving to thriving.

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What is Developmental Trauma?



IFS - Internal Family Systems Therapy

- All internal parts are welcome -

NARM - Neuro Affective Relational Model

- Healing Developmental Trauma -